A Simple Reframe for Abundant, Effortless Content Creation

Writer’s block is 100% discretionary

Mariko O. Gordon, CFA
2 min readAug 27, 2022

Treat creative output like poop.

Remember how proud you were of your “creations” as a toddler? When you were potty trained, your parents applauded every “masterpiece” you produced. Being praised for something effortless to make that felt good to unload was heart-warming.

You no longer expect applause every time you go to the bathroom.

You “produce” and flush without giving it a second thought. You don’t hang on to your poop and spend hours coaxing it into the perfect, photogenic pile. You do your business and move on.

You don’t set unreasonable standards for your poop.

It’s the best you could do, based on what you’ve ingested and how your body is processing it. Your poop is what it is, with no drama attached. The same can be true of your content.

You enjoy the sweet relief of letting go.

You don’t worry about how your “output” is making its way to the sewage treatment plant. You don’t wonder if it’s moving fast enough, got there yet, or if the sanitation folks think it’s cute.

You’re better off thinking your work is crap.

You don’t doubt for a second that you will poop again. Borrow that confidence about generating content. If you eat, you’re gonna poop. If you breathe, you’re gonna create. Same thing.

Abundant and continual production is yours to claim.

Everyone must poop. Content creators must create. If you can poop with no guilt, no shame, no wishing it was better, you can develop an abundance, not scarcity mindset about your creative output.

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