Feng Shui Your Financial House

Don’t Let Money Mirror Your Dysfunctional Relationships

Your money shouldn’t play by different rules

Mariko O. Gordon, CFA
2 min readJan 5

Today’s financial Feng Shui task:

Check on the health of your interpersonal money.

Assess not only your relationship with money but how you “do” money with other people in your life.

Are you cool with how you’re talking about money, handling money, or making money decisions?

Even if you’re happy, are they?

Today’s a good day to find out.

Money can’t cure dysfunctional relationships, but it sure can mirror them.

If there are secrets, broken promises, financial infidelity, and everyone acting only out of self-interest, your house of wealth will not thrive.

Take a moment to find out where you need clarification, agreement, and mending. Because when money is not being pushed and pulled in different directions, when its flow is being directed in harmony and with intention, it multiplies with ease.

Start by asking yourself these questions:

Who do I have sticky money with?

How do they feel about it?

Are my “relationship money rules” different than my “relationship rules”? E.g., “We’re a team for better and worse, except for money — what’s mine is mine and what’s yours is yours, and we have no joint money goals.” To be clear, I’m not talking about how the law would split your assets, but your behavior around resources.

Why has this happened?

What would I prefer? What would they prefer?

What could we do differently?

How do those solutions feel to you? To them?

Here’s a useful resource:

If you are consciously coupled and have major interpersonal money issues, check out Ramit Sethi’s podcast. He interviews couples having conflict over money, and while he’s no therapist, his take is usually sound, and his money advice spot on.

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