Feng Shui Your Financial House

Grab Your Boxing Day Present Here If You Want to Learn About Investing

A collection of hot takes on the market from a pro

Here’s today’s financial feng shui task:

Open your boxing day present and dive in.

You’ll learn about investing without enduring jargon grenades, platitudes, or talking head B.S.

My gift is the real deal.

These short essays are real-time insights shared when I was duking it out with Mr. Market daily, investing a multi-billion dollar stock portfolio.

You’ll learn about investing from someone who actually deployed capital and become a better steward of your assets, no matter the size of your nest egg.


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Mariko O. Gordon, CFA

Built $2.5B money mgmt biz from scratch. Coaching badass women to build & love their businesses, manage their finances, and make sure the thrill is never gone.