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How to Spend And Invest Your Money in Accordance With Your Values

Only you can decide what compromises to make

Mariko O. Gordon, CFA
7 min readJan 2

If you’re in a hurry, here’s the TLDR on today’s financial task:

Check if your money flow and your values are in congruence.

What do you believe? Is your money parked in alignment with those beliefs? Is it invested to support what you wish to sow into the world?

Close the gap or stop kidding yourself that you want to.

Since how you steward your wealth mirrors your relationship with yourself, harmonize them. You’ll feel grounded and make better money decisions without cognitive dissonance.

Here’s more if you want to delve into the hows and whys:

Checking for congruence is not straightforward, but it’s essential.

Do you want your money deployed in line with your values?

If the answer is yes, roll up your sleeves and keep reading.

First, decide what matters to you and how much effort you’re willing to make. Virtue signaling is easy, but living your ethics requires self-awareness and commitment.

There is no definitive, perfect “virtuous” deployment of capital.

For one, our moral compasses are not identical. Each one of us holds a unique cocktail of values.

For another, the world is enormously complex, and our foundational economic and financial systems were not developed to accommodate our personal values.

Here’s where to start.

Decide what you stand for. There is no “right” answer, and you can always change your mind. You do you, boo. Your North star guides only YOU.

Clarity matters because

Having a vague sense of what you stand for lets you off the hook.

Only by defining what truly matters to you will you be able to see the gaps in congruence between how you want to deploy…



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