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Run Your Business Like It’s Your Party

You get to smash the piñata however you want

Mariko O. Gordon, CFA
2 min readAug 6, 2022


“It’s your party. You get to smash the piñata however you want.”

I tell my clients that all the time about their businesses. Homemade piñatas are colorful, custom expressions of what matters to host of the party, and they’re filled with treats carefully chosen to delight the guests.

Guests can’t wait to break open the piñata — everything leading up to the party has created a ton of joyous anticipation.

The same is true for your business, minus the stick.

You’ve invited people into your business to enjoy the offerings you feel would please them most. You choose the theme of the party, the shape of the piñata, and what gifts you rain on your invitees. You are the host. You control the party.

Who cares what other hosts do with their piñatas?

You can get so caught up on all the latest business and sales hacks, tools, techniques that you become a guest at your own party, which having no host, then devolves into chaos.

Your piñata is filled with beets and anchovies, the guests have nothing to say to each other, the food just ran out, and it’s unclear if the theme is “unicorn space invaders” or “robot hellions from mars.”

Say no to chaos-induced business stress.

If figuring out how much to discount (and when) to “create urgency” in your buyers makes your head spin, gives you a headache, causes you to lose sleep, or makes you irritable, STOP. You get to smash the piñata however you want, remember?

Decide not to offer any discounts ever.

Take all that energy you were wasting and figure out how to create “ethical urgency” (credit: Simone Seol). Learn how to create full-price demand. It may take require more time, finesse and thoughtfulness to deploy than a bag of marketing tricks, but you will have created the business party you’re proud to host.

Same goes for any other business thing “everybody’ does.

Run your business the way you want. You may have to invent new ways to throw parties, invite guests, or fill piñatas. That’s better than making yourself miserable doing all the things to throw a party you wouldn’t want to attend.

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