Psychology of Money

The Three Bodhisattvas of Finance

Your relationship with money is your relationship with yourself

Mariko O. Gordon, CFA
5 min readAug 8, 2022

You were born unselfconscious, delighted at being alive, as sure of your purpose on this planet as the sun, an oak tree, or a manatee. Your very existence made you worthy. You needed no other justification, and every breath you took connected you to the living fabric of the universe.

Then life happened to you. You forgot this simple truth.

You’ve been marinating your whole life in a toxic brew of consumerism and feral capitalism that equates worth with money, measures success relative to bank balance, and weaponizes finance to extract every last bit of humanity from business.

Some days we feel like we live in a hellscape full of hungry ghosts telling us we are not enough and can never have enough. No surprise that we develop anxiety, fear, or trauma around our riches, inner and outer.

Family history and dynamics, societal structures, ancestral inheritances (you name it, it’s a long list) create blocks to that light — energy — Qi — whatever you want to call the life force that animates the universe. Your conditioning throws shade on your innate brilliance and stops you from expressing your truest, most vibrant, and unselfconscious life.

These blocks are fractals endlessly repeated in what we think, feel, and do daily. Thoughts like “I’ll never be able to figure out investing” “What’s the point of saving?” or “I’m sure he’ll pay me back this time!” are the way we reinforce negative beliefs about ourselves, which leads us to take questionable action.

Some examples of unconscious beliefs you might have and what they reveal:

If you don’t value yourself, you won’t value your assets.

If you can’t trust others, your business (like you) will be stunted by your need to be hyper independent.

If you’re a conflict-avoidant people pleaser, your energy and money will be needlessly siphoned off.



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