Feng Shui Your Financial House

Your Money Beliefs Were Gifted to You

Exchange those that no longer serve you

Mariko O. Gordon, CFA
1 min readDec 31, 2022


Today’s financial Feng Shui task:

Open your present.

Being in the bosom of our loved ones is the best gift of all. The folks you dote on and hang out with have an outsized influence over you. This was especially true when you were young, naive, and dependent on them for your well-being.

Over the years, your peeps bestowed upon you their money beliefs.

My gift to you is a way to unwrap all those presents.

Take the time to fill out this money legacy questionnaire. It’s worth it to learn your heritage narratives around money.

You’ll find out that many of your most deeply held beliefs are not, in fact, truly your own. Like holiday traditions passed down from generation to generation, they are familiar and comforting, but they are not inviolable truths.

You can change your money beliefs if you want.

That’s the biggest gift you can give yourself. Shed what doesn’t serve you, embrace that which does.

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Mariko O. Gordon, CFA

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