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Behold the miracle that is a Philips screwdriver.

In my hands, it became the mighty sword that slayed a massive annoyance dragon. For over a year, the under-the-kitchen-counter pull-out compost bin kept catching whenever I tried to close it.

A minor annoyance became a colossal pain in the ass.



Me wearing the dress in question. Anna Norwood Photography.

To the stunned women who own that cute boutique in the Southpoint mall:

Your saleslady just detonated a concussion grenade.

While you’re picking up the pieces and processing the drama, let me reassure you that yes, it did happen, no, you are not crazy, and yes, you should fire her.


Enterprise-D_crew_quarters.jpg: Derek Springer from Los Angeles, CA, USAPatrickStewart2004–08–03.jpg: Cdt. Patrick Caughey[1]derivative work: Loupeznik, CC BY-SA 3.0 <>, via Wikimedia Commons

I’m not quite sure how I found myself watching the first few episodes of Star Trek: The Next Generation over winter break years ago with my older son, Haden.

For all I know, he might have been feigning interest to con me out of something later on.

In any case…

Mariko O. Gordon

Built $2.5B money mgmt biz from scratch. Coaching badass women to build & love their businesses, manage their finances, and make sure the thrill is never gone.

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